Message from the Representative


ELNA is conducting the field surveys of marine organisms such as sea turtles and whales.
While we come in contact with these marine organisms, we are realizing the many organisms are decreasing due to the human and they are in danger of extinction.
When it comes to saving a certain species from the extinction, there is a point which should not be overlooked.

Currently, in the survey of sea turtles conducted all over the world, “hunting (predation) of sea turtles and its eggs by the human” is considered to be in different level (category) than “predation of sea turtles and its eggs by the other organisms”.
However, ELNA believes that it is important to handle both of predation at the same level as “feeding damage” for sea turtles and its eggs to be eaten.

We cannot conserve the current global environment if we do not treat various human’s effects on organisms as same as the interaction among other organisms, and investigate them as one of the factors for struggle for existence among species.
The condescending way of thinking such as excluding the human would not make the coexistence or the symbiosis possible.

The surveys conducted by ELNA have been giving consideration to the human’s effect.
We will identify the factor causing reduced amount of organisms based on these surveys and eliminate the factor to support the potential natural healing ability of the ocean.
Our goal is to create an environment not extinguishing species in cooperation with local people and expand awareness of the result to the world for accomplishment of the coexistence of the human and the marine organisms.