ELNA’s motto is “Field work”. See it with our own eyes, hear and feel in the field. This is simple but it is the most important part for ELNA.

When we walk around Southeast Asia for the survey, we always face two aspects of the reality. These are “Devastated natural environment” and “Poverty”. For the people living from hand to mouth while depending on the ocean or forest, a word “Conservation” is just rhetorical flourish and not realistic. There are some cases establishing wild life preservation area or sanctuary but many of these cases had not succeeded because people’s life style, culture, traditions, and economic development were often ignored. The people living by the ocean or in the forest, have been inheriting the wisdom from the ancestors in their community. We can never forget that people’s culture and traditions are diverse as same as the organisms.

ELNA is conducting practical survey and conservation of marine organisms at the private level reasonable for the current situation while consideration given to people’s life style and culture. Based on the two aspects of the reality “Devastated natural environment” and “Poverty = people’s life”, we are taking actions for “what we should do now” and “what we can do now”.

“Everlasting Nature” could be a little ambitious naming, but this is what ELNA is seeking as the figure of the humans and nature.