Our organization Everlasting Nature of Asia (ELNA) conducts Sea turtle conservation activities in Indonesia, Ogasawara Islands and the Kanto region of Japan.
Please consider aiding our efforts in the conservation and research of Sea turtles. Every little donation will help out our operations, and in turn we promise to do our best effort in supporting the true power of the ocean.

Donations are possible through credit card payments thanks to the services provided by Another Lane ( . After selecting the amount and clicking the pay button, the transaction screen will open up and here you can enter your credit card information to confirm the donation.
Thank you for your generosity.

Please select [other] in the state/province/region section of the transaction screen if you live outside of Japan.

1,000JPY(=10$)  2,000JPY(=20$)  3,000JPY(=30$)  4,000JPY(=40$)  5,000JPY(=50$)
6,000JPY(=60$)  7,000JPY(=70$)  8,000JPY(=80$)  9,000JPY(=90$)  10,000JPY(=100$)
20,000JPY(=200$) 30,000JPY(=300$) 40,000JPY(=400$) 50,000JPY(=500$) 60,000JPY(=600$)
70,000JPY(=700$) 80,000JPY(=800$) 90,000JPY(=900$) 100,000JPY(=1000$)